Greta Berlin And Free Gaza Try To Lie Away The Antisemitism

Free Gaza co-founder Greta Berlin has posted the following statement on the Free Gaza website:

I am not a Holocaust denier. And I am not a supporter of the video that I posted, nor would I ever have been. It was, in fact, an example of propaganda that is EXACTLY what I and others are horrified over. The video (although I didn’t watch it then) seemed like the kind propaganda that our group was discussing. And I passed it on because of the title.

Ironically I am caught in the same propaganda hysteria that I was trying to fight. It was my mistake that I didn’t post to the small private group on Facebook and the video ended up on my wall. Greta

This follows this apology posted by the “Free Gaza Team.”

A TWEET from the Free Gaza TWITTER account was posted several days ago that had a link to a lecture titled, “Zionists Ran the Holocaust and the Concentration Camps.” This TWEET did not come from Free Gaza, and does not represent FG’s position in any way whatsoever; in fact we condemn its content. It came from Greta’s private Facebook page and was shared with a group of people  who were discussing propaganda and racism, and this link was an example of the terrible propaganda that could be spewed on websites. For some reason, Facebook connected our Free Gaza account to her personal Facebook account, and the link was posted.

Greta has added, “I apologize that I did not watch the video before hitting SHARE on Facebook. I was in a rush to get to a book event and simply reposted. The fault is completely mine. Free Gaza had nothing to do with the post at all. ”

The Free Gaza movement is a human rights group that is an expression of citizen nonviolent, direct action, confronting Israel’s ongoing abuses of Palestinian human and political rights and will continue to challenge Israel’s illegal siege on Gaza. In the future, we will work to ensure that material posted from our account relates only to FGM’s activities, including Gaza’s Ark.

Free Gaza had nothing to do with the post and apologizes unreservedly for the post and its content.

Once again, Greta and her people think our intelligence is there to be insulted.

The below was posted in a series of tweets by John-Paul Pagano :

Now, Greta Berlin is claiming that she mistakenly tweeted a video about Zionists running the Nazi concentration camps to @freegazaorg

She claims she meant to link it on Facebook as an example for a private group that was academically discussing racism and propaganda.

My assessment of the truth value of these claims: it’s possible Berlin didn’t realize her Facebook Wall posts were being auto-tweeted.

Her claim that she was posting the link for a “private group” in the context of an academic discussion of racism and propaganda is false.

I know that because when @avimayer first drew attention to @freegazaorg’s tweet of the video, I traced the content to Greta’s Facebook Wall.

I saw — was an eyewitness — to what she had posted there. In contradiction of her claims, I saw the following:

There was no discussion of racism or propaganda on the post, and no comments on it made by Greta Berlin.

Instead, there were positive, reinforcing quips by supporters, including one Hiam Tabbarah-Odds, who re-shared the link and notified Greta.

One person whose name I only partially remember showed up to protest. He was not a part of a discussion; he was offended and BEGAN a PROTEST

Before I was able to screencap this, Greta Berlin caught wind of @avimayer’s tweets, and then first scrubbed Twitter, then Facebook

I went to Hiam Tabbarah-Odds’ Wall and screen-capped her re-share of Berlin’s share, which proved the connection to Berlin.

Click to enlarge

But I saw what I saw. Berlin had no “private group” on Facebook; her page was public until she went private after being exposed

Finally, Berlin says she didn’t even watch the video. Why would she introduce content she knew nothing about into a private discussion?

Damning stuff.

Also, if this is indeed what happened, why did she not proffer this excuse right after she was sprung?  She proffered a number of other excuses at the time, including a contradictory one sent via email (which I was, in turn, sent) claiming she did not even post the video to begin with:

Furthermore, the apology refers to the original Eustace Mullins video, but not to the Nazi era video, which she posted over a week earlier.

Notice also how Berlin compares the fallout of her antisemitic tweeting hi jinx to “the same propaganda hysteria” she claims she was trying to fight i.e. Nazi propaganda.

Greta, just embrace your antisemitism and be done with it.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media