“Israel Is The Cancer In Foreign Affairs”

No, I am not quoting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but rather Irish TV presenter Vincent Browne.

A renowned Irish broadcaster has referred to Israel as a “cancer”.

Speaking about the US presidential debates on Tuesday night, Vincent Browne lamented the lack of discussion of American support for Israel. “Israel is the cancer in foreign affairs,” he said, adding: “It’s a massive injustice — they stole the land from the Arabs.”

The comments were made on Mr Browne’s show on Ireland’s TV3 channel, Tonight with Vincent Browne.

Defending his remarks, Mr Browne said that by calling Israel a cancer “I didn’t mean it should be eliminated. It was an infelicitous use of the word.

They stole the land from the Arabs

“The reality is the Israeli state was founded by confiscation of land previously occupied by Arabs. That injustice is at the centre of the conflict.”

Israel’s deputy ambassador to Ireland Nurit Tinari-Modai said: “My grandparents were brutally murdered on European soil during the Holocaust. I would have never believed that the day would come when a presenter on Irish TV station would make racist, antisemitic remarks,” she claimed.

“We today received phone calls and emails from outraged Irish people who intend to complain about Mr. Brown’s ongoing hateful comments towards the Jewish people and the Jewish state.”

Ms Tinari-Modai said that the embassy had approached TV3 and offered a pro-Israeli guest to appear on Tuesday’s show “but regrettably the show declined.”

Responding to the deputy ambassador’s criticism, Mr Browne insisted: “I’m not antisemitic and will not be blackmailed.

“We have said we will accommodate that person in the near future.”

22 thoughts on ““Israel Is The Cancer In Foreign Affairs””

  1. what a total a hole. We didnt steal land, and furthermore he pretends that it is the Israel-Arab conflict that makes the strain on the Islamic-West relations and that before Israel there was no conflicts in the middle east?!? The region was not a bastion of peace before the Zionists arrived, and the relationship with the east and west would be complex regardless of Israel. He is a douchebag.

  2. Instead of screaming “anti-semitism” and talking about the Holocaust at every possible chance, the members of the Israeli government would do good if they actually contest the lie that Israel was created “by confiscation of Arab land”. Is that too much to ask?

    1. Leor Blumenthal

      Or maybe the Israeli government should do both? Besides, what good will it do to show the mountains of evidence showing the connections of the Jewish people to the land of Israel or the lack of connection between Palestinian Arabs and the land? Mr. Brown has made up his mind already.

      And for the record, there was a discussion of American support for Israel in the third presidential debate. The problem for Mr. Brown is that President Obama and Governor Romney were trying to show their pro-Israel bonafides. To an anti-Semite like Brown that’s utterly unacceptable.

      1. I don’t think so. He might be an anti-semite, but by this comment – and only this comment – you could say that he is just an ignorant. Most people are when it comes to Israel. Especially when BBC is not even cable, but an open channel in your country…
        It’s annoying to see Israeli officials screaming “anti-semitism” and bringing the Holocaust every single time. It cheapens the Holocaust and helps advance the real anti-semites who say that we try to criminalize criticism (fair or not) with fake charges of racism.

        1. dont forget that Ireland is longtime friends with the PLO, even before the OSLO process gave them any legitimacy. And of course the IRA was in bed with the Nazi party. This is nothing new. The map that lies is common knowledge, the 3 series of “stolen land” maps that we all know, is considered fact. The private Jewish property held within the proposed UN partition plan is marked on the 1st map (Jewish property in Hebron and other places left off), and the rest is suggested to be Arab land.that is stolen… No mark of how much of that stolen land was private Arab property and how much was state land. This is the eagerness of the anti-Semite, to believe any lie against the Jew or the collective Jew in the form of the state. We didnt steal Arab land inasmuch as any state that acquires public lands through statehood isn’t stealing those lands. But the Irish *are* the Irish as much as the German the German. Cultures dont change in 50 years, and certainly not without the kind of imposed denazification that the Germans were subjected to.

  3. E Pluribus Beagle

    Nuke Ireland and plow over the rubble and ashes. Incinerate and exterminate the vermin as required. To save the world.

      1. E Pluribus Beagle

        Oh I’m sorry was someone offended? Good. Let’s scream it a hundred million times for the next 60 years straight and then, and only then we can browbeat them into the ground and demand their complete annihilation for refusing our peaceful entreaties. Because, you know how THOSE people are.

        Death to Ireland.

        1. Not as much offended as protecting my blog from accusations of supporting comments like yours that seem to support genocide. Please respect the fact I put a lot of hard work in to this blog, and don’t need my credibility shot down.

  4. What about the million Jews evicted from Muslim countries.
    They lost far more land than the Arabs. Of course that doesn’t count in Ireland. Jewish property and lives are not very important to jerks like brown.

  5. What would he know?

    When the Jewish people were composing Psalms in the great Temple of Jerusalem and forging the ethical basis of western civilization the good gentleman’s illiterate ancesters were practicing human sacrifice and scratching the Irish earth with stone tools to prolong their short, filthy, miserable, existence.

    Were in not for the Catholic Church and England bringing some level of civilization to that miserable island there would be little else to say about Ireland except for some decent boooze, the consumption of which is a national obsession, and it’s legacy of teaching the world the modern art of terrorism.

    1. I’ll see your “Fiddler On The Roof” and raise you a “Finian’s Rainbow.” (even though both were written by Jews). Don’t think all of us Irish are slow-witted, slack-jawed anti-semites. Just the Catholics!

  6. Michelle Denowh

    “Mr. Brown needs to be educated” For some, it does not matter how much they are educated – their ignorance remains their habitual choice.

  7. I.R.A “rejectionists” and P.L.O. “rejectionists” are natural terrorist allies, with the only exception being that the I.R.A. does not seek to take over and engulf the entire U.K. and exile its population. The only way to ensure peace is to wall barbarians off from the civilized world. Compare the walled-off sections of Londonderry, Belfast and other Northern Irish cities with the West Bank and you can hardly tell the difference, other than the Irish speaking English and the Palestinians speaking Arabic!

    “In the war between the savage and the civilized man, support the civilized man.” –Ayn Rand

  8. More than 36 millions Irish Americans are living on land that was occupied by Native Americans for 10,000-15,000 years before Europeans arrived. What does Browne have to say about that land theft?

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