When Did You Stop Beating Your Kids?


Israellycool reader, JethroSteve, sent in the following from South Africa after coming into contact with one Lubna Nadvi on Twitter. I hope he washed his hands before sending this.

Stop the JNF South Africa is supposedly a non-racist non-violent Human rights organization against the HR abuses by committed by the JNF in Israel against Palestinians and Bedouin.

Why then do they count amongst their “non violent” ranks Lubna Nadvi? I had no idea who she was, but came across her on Twitter as she had posted a children’s drawing calling for a boycott of Reggies, a large toy retailer in SA that supports the JNF.

I asked her why she was so proud about encouraging (brainwashing) young kids to hate, instead of encouraging them to debate/engage. I then sent a pic of a Palestinian mom strapping a suicide belt onto her child, Asking Lubna if this was “next years class”.

As you can see  her response was

” If Hamas youth take their own lives (in suicide bombings) it is because Israel kills their loved ones. We in SA also engaged in armed strugle. We understand.”

Who is the WE she means? Most south African i know are disgusted by terrorism.

After a quick google search i discovered Lubna is also a Professor of Political Islam at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Is this really the type of person we want educating (brainwashing) our future generations in South Africa?

I did get a tweet from her two days later in which she states ” I don’t justify any kind of suicide or homicide. But I understand the concept of armed struggle against oppression and occupation”.

Too little to late Lubna, your true felings came out two days ago, and your last tweet isn’t much of an improvement anyway.

Once again, the study of political Islam seems to engender feelings of hatred toward Jews. What a surprise.

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