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Former South African Antisemite Mcebo Dlamini Apologizes To Jewish Community

Mcebo Dlamin apologizes to the Jewish community and pledges to be better

Drop Kick the ANC’s Muhammad Khalid Sayed

ANC Youth League chairperson Muhammad Khalid Sayed is disturbed by an upcoming rugby camp between the Blitzbokke and Israel, saying it’s an unacceptable misuse of the sporting team.

WATCH: South African President 0 vs Face Mask 1

Poor South Africa. After everything they've been through and now they are being led by Steve Urkel.

WATCH: Head of BDS South Africa Muhammed Desai Gets Ass Handed Back to Him...

In a debate on South African TV regarding the Israeli-palestinian Arab conflict, Muhammed Desai, the head of BDS South Africa (wearing a t-shirt wiping Israel off the map), got utterly destroyed.

BDS (Be Der Stürmer) South Africa Disgraces Itself

BDS South Africa seems to have lost the memo that they are to present themselves as not antisemitic

South African Government News Agency Mistakenly Releases Report That Government Welcomes Trump’s Peace Plan

I suspect someone is going to lose their job over this - if they haven't already.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa Praises Israeli Hi-Tech Innovation

Israel is “leading by leaps and bounds”

WATCH: South African Jewish Entertainer Gets Shock of His Life

South African Jewish entertainer Jonathan Birin recently got invited to play at his friend's place of worship. On arrival he was told that it was the Pastor's birthday party...

Muhammed Desai, Director of BDS South Africa, Accused of Me-Tooing Women

Muhammed Desai, director of BDS South Africa (BDS-SA), is alleged to have sexually harassed three women on one night.

WATCH: BDSM Presents: How to Deal With Losing a Debate (Part One)

Where I highlight the BDS movement's dirty tactics

WATCH: Shashi Naidoo’s Awkward Press Conference with BDS South Africa

I may be wrong, but to me, Shashi Naidoo looks to me like a caged animal, saying things almost robotically

South African Celebrity Shashi Naidoo Walks Back Pro-Israel Comments After Death Threats

Sashi has since posted a retraction of her previous comments, which throws Israel completely under the bus

South African Celebrity Shashi Naidoo Gets Death Threats After Pro-Israel Comments

Barely a month after Gareth Cliff's highly publicized comments defending Israel, fellow South African celebrity Shashi Naidoo has done the same thing, earning the ire of the haters
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