A Comment So Stupid I Just Had To “Exposé” It


Richard SilversteinSorry, a little inside baseball blogger to blogger humour here.

The following exchange appears on Richard Silverstein’s post where he “uncovers” the amazing details of the “hack” on his site that was nothing more than an extreme manifestation of Dickie’s own dumbness.

free man December 13, 2012 at 5:08 AM

Taking down your site is dead wrong.
However I find your broad accusations compared to some clumsy two pence hacker wrong as well.
I dont know who hacked your site, but it somehow does not look like the guy you found his email within the hack.
Imagine the police finds the thiev business card. It is too stupid even for the most stupid of them.

To which Richard Silverstein replies:

Richard Silverstein December 13, 2012 at 10:41 AM

If he expected never to be exposed then of course he would’ve taken the chance of using his real e mail address. Especially if the hack was spontaneous and not something he planned out in advance. He would’ve gotten away with it if Kaspersky hadn’t gotten involved and there was no way he could’ve known they would.

So this was a case of hubris on his part and luck on mine that the good guys were on my side and helped exposé him.

So without the help of Kaspersky dear old Dickie wouldn’t have been able to look in the configuration files of his own blog on his own server and see the email address of the “hacker” writ large? Teee heee.

And “exposé him”? C’est magnifique!

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