So What Did Jews Do After That Cartoon?

Credit: Sunday Times

Credit: Sunday Times

I have a new piece up on the Times of Israel about the notorious Gerald Scarfe cartoon published by the Sunday Times this weekend.

I detail the orgy of violence and mayhem caused by Jews and Israelis all around the world following it’s revolting publication.

OK, not really. But there were some very strongly worded tweets.

Portraying a hook nosed Bibi Netanyahu as building a wall against peace, cemented with the blood and dying bodies of Arabs was, perhaps, mildly offensive even if you voted for the other guy or gal last week. It was so awful that even Ha’aretz was forced to defend the artist.

The fact that Sunday was also the international Holocaust Memorial Day was, as Hilary Clinton might say “almost too delicious to believe my friends“.

Personally I was so incensed I decided to take my framed original sketch and animation cell by Scarfe from the film The Wall down from my office wall (it creeps my wife out which is why it wasn’t at home). I also wrote some things on Twitter and Facebook (this is far more productive than therapy and cheaper). I even personally tweeted to Rupert Murdoch.


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