The Results Are In: The New York Times Lied


Tesla annotated version of NYT graphicI have a new post up at the Times of Israel. It concerns the Tesla Motors vs New York Times fight I’ve written about here.

Tesla Motors have released the facts and figures covering John Broder’s test drive for the New York Times.

In simple terms, and avoiding complicating details: the New York Times reporter lied through his teeth and did everything possible to make the car run out of power including driving in circles round a car park.

I also apologise to Tesla and Elon Musk: clearly their amazing car can make this trip easily if the driver actually wants to instead of wanting to fail.

Many times in my life I’ve found  when I have extensive knowledge of a particular subject, main stream reporting on that subject is woefully inadequate or out right wrong. I see this time and again on Israel.

I’ve only been watching electric cars for a year or so but I already see this is often the case. This New York Times hit piece against Tesla  immediately caused a drop in the company’s stock value. That is the power the NYT wields with such gay abandon. Tesla is fortunate that it can’t make its cars fast enough and has a long waiting list: this probably wont affect sales in the short term.

So often when we see a piece of anti-Israel bias there is little way to counter except with esoteric and confusing historical arguments where claims are met with deliberately falsified counter claims.

In this case we have reams of absolute scientific facts: the journalist saidhe did one thing; the car’s computers show he did another.

If this doesn’t result in the firing of this journalist and the strong censure of whichever editors defended him, we know the standards of modern journalistic ethics have fallen off the chart.

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