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Elon Musk Of Tesla In Israel For A Secret Visit To MobileEye

BDSHoles better get used to walking, because it’s going to be hard to find a car that’s not got Israeli tech inside.

Tesla To Cure Range Anxiety? I Think I Know How (Update)

I think I know what Elon Musk will show on Thursday, because I’ve had it for three years.

Better News From Better Place

The figures are in, and they're pretty good.

Do Petrol Heads Dream Of Electric Cars?

All you have to do is take out the exploding bit at the front and the entire nature of the car changes to something so refined it costs thousands more to match.

New York Times. Still Lying.

I'm sorry sir, you couldn't find this?

The Results Are In: The New York Times Lied

Today it's electric cars, tomorrow it will be Israel and after that anything else they like

Tesla Vs New York Times And Modern Journalistic Ethics

The days of dispassionate journalism have long since faded

Tesla Supercharger Super Sucks

I’d like to buy your car, it looks nice, it drives way nicer than the Mercedes I was considering and my kids will be happy because the polar bears will be saved.

I’d Love To Try This Road Trip In A Tesla Model S

But it would cost you $10,000 upgrade fee just to make this trip


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