Because What The Egyptians Need Is More Tanks

Egyptian TankBBC Watch has a long detailed post on the latest bit of malicious, evil reporting by the BBC, this time from Mike Thomson.

I’ll post a simple summary. In a piece about the torture of African migrants in Sinai by Egyptians, Mike Thomson wrote and broadcast the following line:

“Egyptian security forces do operate in this region but only in limited numbers because of a long-standing peace agreement with neighbouring Israel.”

He’s talking about the 1979 Camp David accords which gave Sinai back to Egypt in return for security guarantees.

It’s a complex agreement with zones, troop levels and so forth. I’ll make it very simple.

The Egyptians can’t put large numbers of tanks in Sinai next to Israel.

That’s it. They’ve got more than enough troops to stop the torture if they want to.

I’ll tell you a real story I heard first hand from an IDF reserve. About this time last year his unit fired into Egypt over the heads of Egyptian soldiers to stop African migrants getting shot in the back by Egyptian troops. I don’t think this is ever reported but it’s not a unique event.

If you want the details, read the BBC Watch post. But if you think that the only way Egypt could police the Sinai properly and stop the torture of Africans is with few thousand tanks, you must either be delusional or a BBC reporter.

2 thoughts on “Because What The Egyptians Need Is More Tanks”

  1. Of course, because a Gas guzzling Main Battle Tank is what is needed to patrol hundreds of kilometers of difficult terrain. We know that the BBC published this out of Anti-Israel bias, but you have to wonder if the fingers behind this article had brains connected to it, because in this economy and at current price of fuel the Egyptian Abrams would sink their Economy in 6 months.

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