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Giving A Whole New Meaning To The Art Of Camouflage

Why outsourcing your military decal department to a kindergarten is a bad idea

Because What The Egyptians Need Is More Tanks

How do you stop the torture of migrants with a tank division?

Moses In the Sinai

A geological coincidence and human nature brings us a human-like profile in the Sinai

Joke Of The Day

Courtesy of Morad Mowafi, Egypt's intelligence chief

Egypt Strikes Back

In the wake of the Sinai attack, the Egyptian military has struck back at suspected terrorists

Sinai Terror? Yep

Israeli precaution proven right, again.

Sinai Terror? Nope, Just Another Zionist Plot

It's been a while since the last crazy Egyptian conspiracy theory about Israel

Turning A Blind Eye

Today's terrorist attack from Egypt took place right under an Egyptian border post.

Introducing Our Latest Weapon

Zionist Death Jeans.TM

Al-Qaeda Linked Ansar Al-Jihad in the Sinai Peninsula Strikes Again

Al-Qaeda affiliate Ansar al-Jihad in the Sinai Peninsula has claimed responsibility for the latest attack on an Egyptian pipeline.
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