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WATCH: Is Labour Antisemitic?

From last night's "Is Labour Anti-Semitic?" program on BBC Panoroma

The BBC Becomes More of an Equal Opportunity Offender

Perhaps it is way past time to refer to the BBC as a "propaganda outfit."

BBC Falls for Obvious Hamas Propaganda (Again)

The BBC promotes a story that does not pass the smell test

Palestinians Rail Against Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Fast Train Just Because

A typical palestinian reaction

New Dilemma for BDS-Holes

What will they do?

WATCH: Israelis in the “Dragon’s Den”

Two Israeli entrepreneurs get three minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multimillionaires who are willing to invest their own cash to kick-start the businesses in the original "Shark Tank." 

You Could Rewrite This BBC Story About Faroe Islands For Israel

The revival of Hebrew as a modern spoken language is a vital part of making Israel great again

WATCH: A Bit of Woke Humor

Occasionally, the BBC is brilliant. Very occasionally. This is one of those times.

BBC Finds Andrew Marr Guilty of Rules Breach Over Anti-Israel Statement

BBC bosses have found Andrew Marr guilty of breaching editorial guidelines with a ‘misleading’ claim that Israel had killed ‘lots of Palestinian kids’

BBC Gets Loud With Its Double Standards on Israel

If the BBC's bias and double standards were not already clear to you, there should be now.

Manchester BDS-Holes Boycott BBC Documentary…For Being Too Pro-Israel!

Manchester student BDS-holes are boycotting a documentary by - wait for it - the BBC, claiming - wait for it - it will be pro-Israel! I can't wait for it!

Where The BBC Romanticizes Terror and Violence

Another example of the BBC making very clear on which side of the conflict they stand.

The BBC’s One-Sided Take on Jerusalem

Not only who was questioned is revealing, but also how they answered


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