Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out Frank


Anti-Israel “activist” Frank Barat has just been refused entry at Ben Gurion.

Bye, bye! Hope you had an unpleasant flight home. Chalk another one up for #BDSFail

Dear old Dickie Silverstein had this to say:

Frank Barat is a major player in the BDS anti-Israel crowd. Richard Millet describes him as behind the kangaroo court Russell Tribunal on Palestine, where BDS movement activists meet once a year to put Israel, and companies that do business with Israel, on trial for various “charges” and then finds them all “guilty” without hearing from the “defendants”.

You may also remember that he was the tool who interviewed and posted this video of Norman Finkelstein without seeming to realise that Finkelstein was rubbishing the entire BDS movement. Obviously they pulled the video but our side had a few copies ready to go back up.

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