Better News From Better Place

New Better Place cars waiting to be picked upGreen Car Reports has published a report of mine laying out the sales improvements at Better Place.

Overall sales in 2013 have been pretty good. The company is delivering cars at about the maximum rate it can.

This year, Better Place has reported the following sales figures:

  • Jan: 102
  • Feb: 113
  • Mar: 82
  • Apr: 125

A couple of notes: Deliveries last December were less than 10–but January was Better Place’s best-ever month. March deliveries were low because the Passover holiday cut the number of working days dramatically; most Israeli businesses experience the same slowdown.

Better Place Renault Fluence ZE on the streets of Jerusalem
The total deliveries of 422 cars through April represents 0.5 percent to 0.8 percent of the Israeli car market. The Better Place total matches sales of the well-established Toyota Prius, at 400 thus far this year. The best-selling car in Israel this year is the Ford Focus, at 4,512.

Comparing Israel to the U.S. (8 million people versus 311 million), the April figure of 125 cars–adjusted for much higher U.S. car ownership–would equate to sales of 8,888 cars a month in the U.S.

Read the whole thing.

And in a new development, Green Car Reports has also uncovered the fact that Tesla may strongly be considering some battery switching system for their Model S. We shall see.


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