Fun, Fashion and Technology: New Tourism in Jerusalem


Talk about great timing!

The Jerusalem International Tourism Summit, JITS, met at the Jerusalem International Convention Center, where Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke of putting “fun” in tourism.

The Real Jerusalem Streets is always trying to show the world that Jerusalem, Israel is more than a war zone and battle scene. There is so much more happening.

Threads Tower of David Museum

For example, “Threads” is a new exhibit at the Tower of David Museum this summer.

photo of man looking at red dress

Sorry, I did not ask this guy what he was thinking about this dress, one of 10,  made by an Israeli designer having in mind a woman of Jerusalem’s past.

Tower of David summer exhibit Threads image

But this one I just knew I had to share on IsraellyCool, but how and why?

Fun, perhaps?

Certainly not what one might expect to find in the ancient fortress of Tower of David!

Then there were the Awards for Innovation at the close of the two day JITS.

photo JITS at ICC Jerusalem

The MC of the Winners Demo fo JITS 2103 Innovation Competition,

winner of innovation at JITS tourism app

the winner of app and presenter of award were dressed in jackets.

start up owners

But my favorite were these guys from,

their outfits were  a pure “start-up” fashion statement.

Fun, fashion and start-up technology, not only define the new tourism in Jerusalem,

but shows just how anything goes!

There are no borders or rules or limits to the imagination.

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