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opera singer in shuk

Video: Jerusalem of Gold

Takes a lot to get the attention of the shuk crowd, but this did.
Ben Affleck argues for Islam on Bill Maher show

Was Ben Affleck Correct To Lose His Cool?

Ben Affleck accused Bill Maher and Sam Harris of Islamophobia. Is he correct?

BDSHol’ing The Stones

With the Rolling Stones slated to perform in Israel on June 4th, the BDSHoles have urged the rockers to boycott us

Kanye West, Antisemite?

He's been known to make rambling incomprehensible, diatribes, but I'm pretty sure I know what he's saying here. And it's not cool

Tom And Julio, Crooners For Israel

Showering us with love
Woman holding her daughter, smiling girl with serious injuries, after terror attack image.

Rihanna, Another Superstar in Israel

Unless you have the flu and have been hiding under the covers, you must know by now that Rihanna is in Israel. Her sold-out concert for...
We all should eat healthy sign

A Big Date for President Peres

President Shimon Peres opens his sukkah and thousands wait to come inside the gates

Who Stands Taller Dr Ruth or Sharon Stone?

Could Dr Ruth really stand taller than Sharon Stone?

BDS Fail Of The Day

The Pet Shop Boys go against the BDSHoles

Alice Walker’s Plan B

Walker has now penned a new, rambling letter to Keys with a change of strategy
winner of innovation at JITS tourism app

Fun, Fashion and Technology: New Tourism in Jerusalem

Tourism in Jerusalem is more than viewing ancient stones
Railway track with sign

Jerusalem Railway Station Opening Night

After major renovations the Old Jerusalem Railway Station set to be new tourist destination
Four planes flying over skyline

Israel @65 Celebrations: Rehearsal Time

Planes flying over Jerusalem preparing for Yom Haatzmaut, are a special sight

New Big Apartheid Fail

Another Israeli apartheid failure, this time on TV
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