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better_place_blueThere is a petition (in Hebrew) asking the Government of Israel to recognise the special importance of Better Place and do all that it can to preserve it.

Shai Agassi hasn’t said much publicly about the bankruptcy (I believe he is legally constrained in what he can say) but he has shared this petition on Facebook:

Shai Agassi shares petition on Facebook

I’m not a government intervention kind of guy but (as I have written) I believe the Government of Israel has actively hindered the adoption of electric cars. They certainly could have done a lot more (without spending much money) to help.

It’s time they remove some barriers and help Israel take a lead in the massively important task of weening ourselves off our devastating Oil Addiction.

BTW if you use Chrome, you can auto translate this and fill it in in English. Petition link here.

Crappy Google Translate below, I just don’t have the time to clean it up but if anyone wants to please leave a comment and I’ll switch to a real human translation.

This appeal to various government offices, in order to require state intervention to improvise on Better Place and definition Cmiizm National in early for my clients different, and secondly in order to make the vision a reality: 

Prime Minister’s Office

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of the Environment and of the Interior and Environment

Now Better Place not in private hands and the process of liquidation, we urge the Israeli government took a hand in saving a model electric car only of its kind in the world. Among other things, this petition was to lobby for legislative changes and the provision of benefits and Sibsodim substantial citizens of Israel will reduce the emission of toxins by using components electronic (purchase and rent) initiated electric car Better Place serves a turning point in ensembles worldwide and humankind’s relationship to the environment in which he lives. derives from the fact that Israel see This technology springboard for global implementation of a model electric car slowly takes more and more countries in the world.therefore, we close in order that Israel will see Better Place has no property left on the shelf, and implies that the electric car entrepreneur may contribute to Israel in the energy, infrastructure, employment, health, economy, security (reducing global dependence on Arab oil) and most importantly: Environment – the only way we will ensure to create a better world for us and especially for our children no less important, for Ncdeino.  proposals / comments / clarifications please


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