Facing Tomorrow without Israeli Flags


At the Israeli Presidential Conference Facing Tomorrow that was held in Jerusalem, Israel,

photo Shimon Peres with Bill Clinton

Israeli President Shimon Peres presented former US President Bill Clinton with a medal,

image of stage at Presidential Conference Tomorrow

with the US stars and stripes visible in the background on the stage.

It has become a thing to count the number of Israeli flags at this annual event.

Image Israeli flag

The flag painted on wall at the Jerusalem International Conference Center was still flying.

Image Shimon Peres speaking, photo Pres Peres at Tomorrow conference,

But as President Shimon Peres delivered the closing address of Facing Tomorrow,

there were NO Israeli flags on stage.

Image of Israeli flags at Israeli Presidential conference

For two days I looked and all I could find was this JNF display

with one little itty-bitty Israeli flag stuck in a pot plant.   Next to it were

many other little flags which covered what used to the JNF little “blue boxes.”

So once again the question is:

why at an Israeli Presidential Conference are there no Israeli flags?

photo Shimon Peres and Natan Sharansky

If anyone found an Israeli flag I missed, other than on a lapel pin, please let me know.

Natan Sharansky we know was not wearing an Israeli flag.

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