Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory Of The Day


According to the latest Arab conspiracy theory, Ariel Sharon was besties with Mr Potato Head (hat tip: Joseph).

El Baradei2.jpgpotato head.jpgAn Arabic website has revealed details of the links between the man nominated to be the Deputy Interim President of Egypt and an Israeli leader alleged to be a war criminal. Mohamed ElBaradei not only supported disgraced Hosni Mubarak but was also close to ex-Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon.

According to the Arabic Secrets site (love the name – ed.), ElBaradei was close enough to Sharon to have dinner at his home while visiting Israel. Sharon was responsible for a number of massacres of Palestinian civilians, most notoriously the Sabra and Shatila massacres of 1982, as well as the killing of Egyptian school children targeted by Israeli airstrikes.

There are concerns that the ex-head of the International Atomic Energy Agency may use his connections to Mubarak to ensure that the latter is released from prison.

ElBaradei’s new position comes at the expense of the democratic choice of the Egyptian people following President Morsi’s ousting last week by a military coup.

This follows accusations of ElBaradei engaging in espionage and conspiring against the state as part of a “Zionist plot.” Yeah, right.

Compelling evidence of a close friendship: eating food together!

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