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Palestinians Make More Boaring Accusations Against Israel

Return of the Zionist Death BoarsTM

PA TV Host: The Jews Are Using ‘Sex Mania’ Against Muslim World

Sexmania is coming to an Arab city near you, thanks to the hard work of the Zionist Department of Nefarious Shenanigans.TM

Zionist Jellyfish Of Deathᵀᴹ

Well-known Zionist admits to diabolical plot

WATCH: William P. Stiritz, Jewish Cereal Offender

You know how you open a bag of cereal and it's mostly air with a little cereal? That's our fault, too.

Latest Blood Libel: Zionist Crop-Killing Chemicals of Doomᵀᴹ

Another day, another blood libel

Foreign Policy Joins The Unhinged Conspiracy Theory Bandwagon

Shadowy AIPAC obfuscates when it discloses, wins when it loses

Responding To Some Antisemitic Monkey Business

Where I rebut claims of Sudanese journalist Mus'ab Al-Mosharraf that macaque monkeys are descended from the Jews

Zionist Watermelons of DoomTM

From the department of Insane Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theories

Zionist Death BrasTM

From the makers of Zionist Death HootersTM comes out latest diabolical weapon

Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

More #facepalm inducing shenanigans

I’m Ashamed To Share The World With Ha’aretz Jews

Just when you think Ha’aretz can’t get any worse, they do.

Joe’s World: Al Baghdadi = Mossad Conspiracy Theory

He's An Israeli Mossad agent? Did someone say, "PLAUSIBLE"?!

Egyptian Cleric Blasts “Hamas-Led Conspiracy Against Palestinian People”

Islamic religious leaders join in condemnation of Hamas

Palestinians Provide Proof Of Zionist Death PigsTM

For I am Shehab, Lord of the Idiots


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