Mira Nair’s Hypocrisy

Mira Nair, who apparently made some movies, said she is boycotting the Haifa Film festival because Israel is an apartheid state.



And who finances said film? The human rights bastion that is Qatar.

Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Mira Nair (Salaam Bombay!Monsoon WeddingThe NamesakeKamasutra) has begun shooting for her new film based on Mohsin Hamid’s bestselling novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist. A Mirabai Films and Cine Mosaic production, the film is adapted by Bill Wheeler, Mohsin Hamid, and Ami Boghani and produced by Lydia Dean Pilcher. It has been picked up for financing by the Doha Film Institute (DFI). It is the second major international production to receive financing from the institute.

And what is the DFI? Just another racist oil-sheikh money laundering scheme. It may come as no surprise to you that although they claim that “Eligibility for DFI Grants has been extended to films from all nations“, Israel is not part of their world.

Remember, this is a desert Muslim oil playground.

Qatar has the highest ratio of non-citizens to citizens in the world, with nationals comprising approximately 12 percent of the population. Forced labor and human trafficking are serious problems. A new draft media law was passed that may jeopardize Qatar’s reputation as a center for media freedom, and a poet was sentenced to life imprisonment. Local media tend to self-censor, and the law permits criminal penalties, including prison terms, for defamation.

Gee, d’ya think Nair will boycott Qatar?

Of-course not, oil money corrupts.

h/t @LibertysSpirit

Update: More on Nair’s hypocrisy by Dr. Qanta Ahmed

Thank you Dr. Ahmed.


Judge Dan

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