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Qatar Shows It Has More Dollars than Sense

Qatar is building a fleet of remote control 'clouds' for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

WATCH: Qatari FM Spokesperson Flounders In Face of Terrorism & Antisemitism Allegations

DW’s Conflict Zone's Tim Sebastian recently did his usual "bad cop" thing, this time with Qatar's foreign ministry spokesperson Lolwah Al-Khater.

Qatar-Funded Website Claims Israeli Law “Violates All Rules Of Democracy”

Never mind that modern-day slavery is being practiced in Qatar

Report Shows Sixty Percent Of Qatar’s Population Lives In Labor Camps

Deafening silence from mainstream American media

Oman Admits It Is A Racist Apartheid State

Any nation that can’t guarantee entry to Israelis and full rights for our flag and anthem shouldn’t be considered for hosting international sporting events.

Ha’aretz Faux “Book Banning” Story Proves Once Again That Israel Is The Most Important...

Once again, we see Ha'aretz reporters slandering their own country, and news outlets around the world devouring it

Qatar Again Flags Israel For Shabby Treatment At Swimming Championships (Updated)

Qatar are up to their old tricks again at the FINA World Swimming Championships

Ummm Vitesse….. That’s Even Mori Offensive!

Dutch football team Vitesse manages to make itself look even worse

More Israeli Flag Shenanigans From Qatar

It was worse than just a colorless flag

Al-Jazeera Being Al-Jazeera

The worst type of propaganda

Mira Nair’s Hypocrisy

Oil money corrupts

Batshit Crazy Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

Arab and pro-palestinian sites have the Arab Emirate of Qatar up to no Zionist good

“Concentration Camp” Gaza To Get Sports City

Named after a Hamas terrorist leader. Thanks to "US ally" Qatar.


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