Israeli Soccer Players Teach Ukrainian Players About Manners

Yes, you read that right.

israeli soccer players The Algemeiner reports:

ukrainian players1
In contrast, the Ukrainian players..

Israel’s national soccer team caused a stir in Ukraine Wednesday after showing up their host team for lacking in common decency, according to media reports.

As the national anthems were played prior to a friendly match in the country the Israelis shielded a group of children lined up in front of them on the field from the blistering cold and the rain, while the Ukrainian team appeared to be indifferent to the children, pictures show.

The young children joined the players for the singing of the anthems as is customary in international matches, but were caught in a torrential downpour that began soon after they arrived on the pitch.  The Israelis removed their training jackets and covered the children after one of the players noticed that one of the children was shivering Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot reported.

“I am glad we made the gesture and I hope that all the children returned home safely,” said Israeli soccer star Itay Shechter of the incident.

“When it began to rain during the anthems, we decided to take off our training jackets because we saw that the kids that were with us were freezing from the cold of the strong rain. We immediately decided to place the training jackets on the children so that they would feel a little more cozy and warmer,” another player Eitan Tibi added.

According to Yediot Ahronot the incident prompted media headlines in both Ukraine and Russia criticizing the Ukrainian team. ”The human reflex was to do what the Israeli players did,” wrote one newspaper according to Yediot.

Unfortunately, it was their playing reflexes that were not up to scratch.

Israel was defeated in the subsequent match against Ukraine, which took place in Kiev, by two goals to none.

Dickie Sliverstein adds: Typical hasbara spew! The photo clearly shows Israeli soccer players using the children as human shields. The one in the middle is even trying to strangle a young Ukrainian child.

7 thoughts on “Israeli Soccer Players Teach Ukrainian Players About Manners”

  1. What’s the big deal? It rains almost every day in summer here. And it’s not so cold at all. At least 15 °C. And for instance, I don’t even have an umbrella.

    1. To be honest that was kinda my thoughts… I posted this on Facebook:

      OK, it’s a nice visual, but seriously? I think little Ukranian kids are used to a bit of rain and wind. Is our entire football team just a bunch of Jewish mothers?

      I just thought how many times I actually played football or (worse) rugby in that weather. And seriously: what good are those fancy shmansy training tops made of poly-nylo-100%-not-natural stuff?

      Meanwhile, Aryeh: we have readers in Ukraine? Nice to know!

  2. I don’t care if our soccer team was acting like Jewish mothers. That is not an insult to me; it was a compliment! Caring more about the children than themselves and giving them their jackets was a very nice thing to do! And the fact that it’s apparently normal behavior to have children stand in the freezing rain, does not mean that behavior is either humane or just decent. The Israelis did the right thing!

    1. Come on, while the Israelis’ gesture actually deserves praise, the rain was by no means ‘freezing’. And I don’t think the kids did suffer.

  3. What is interesting to me is that it appears (from other articles I have read) that newspaper reports on the incident in Ukrainian and Russian newspapers faulted the Ukrainian team for not doing as the Israeli team did.

  4. Roman Krochmalnyckyj

    Hey Israel, Maybe Our Ukrainian Soccer Players can teach you how to play Soccer! We Won 2-0! Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!

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