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More About That “Apartheid” Soccer Match Between Israel and Scotland

Following my post earlier today regarding the protests in Glasgow before the UEFA Nations League game between Israel and Scotland, some of the haters held banners saying "Fight racism" and others decried Israeli apartheid. About that..

Media Drops the Ball in Ignoring Terror Support at Scotland vs Israel Pre-Game Protest

A few nights go, Israel faced off against Scotland in a UEFA Nations League game in Glasgow. And naturally the Israel-haters tried to make it all about the palestinian Arabs

Palestinian National Soccer Team Player Abdallah Jaber Signs With Israeli Club (Updated)

I cannot imagine Palestinian Football Chief Jibril Rajoub is going to be happy about this.

WATCH: Pitch Perfect Video Shows True Face of Israel

This next video, about a soccer tournament in Israel for Israeli and palestinian school boys, shows a side of Israel you don't normally see from the mainstream media, and certainly not from the haters.

Soccer Legend Ronaldinho in Israel and Haters Launch False Flag Operation

Soccer legend Ronaldinho Gaucho is in Israel and he has let everyone know he is here. Naturally, the haters are not happy

WATCH: Israeli Soccer Player Shon Weissman’s Expression of Jewish Pride

What Shon Weissman did after scoring a goal on Thursday night

Things Getting Even Messi-er For the Haters

Today just continues to be a really bad day for the BDS-holes. One I bet they wish they could boycott.

Strasbourg Bans Israeli Flags Ahead of Soccer Match with Maccabi Haifa

Typical pandering to violent antisemites and terror supporters

Terror-Supporting Palestinian Football Chief Jibril Rajoub Gets Red Card

Dear me! Terrorist-loving palestinian football head Jibril Rajoub has lost it on penalties.

Palestinians Terribly Unhappy FIFA Boss Promised to Build Them More Soccer Fields

FIFA boss Gianni Infantino has promised, at the "Peace to Prosperity" workshop, to build more soccer fields in the palestinian-controlled territories.

Polish Football Association Deserves a ‘Red Card’ for Insensitivity

Yesterday, Poland soundly defeated Israel 4-0 in the Euro 2020 qualifiers. This is what the Polish Football Association posted on Facebook after Poland scored their fourth goal

Hater Fumes As FIFA Launches Investigation into Terror-Supporting Palestinian Football Chief Jibril Rajoub

FIFA has launched an investigation into palestinian football chief Jibril Rajoub, and Electronic Intifada antisemite Asa "A-hole" Winstanley is livid

Confirmed as Fake: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo Gaza Donation’ Story

We now have confirmation that it was a completely fake story - as I suspected
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