Remember when the palestinians were wearing M-75 perfume, named after a Hamas missile?

That was so last year.

morsi perfume
Morsi perfume, which is apparently sold in bottles the size of a human

Palestinian security forces have arrested a man in the West Bank city of Tulkarem for selling a perfume named after Egypt’s recently ousted Islamist president Mohammed Morsi.

Islambuli Badir, 36, is member of Hamas and reportedly sympathizes with the Muslim Brotherhood, according to a report by AFP.
According to the man’s brother, “men from the security services on Tuesday raided my brother’s shop and confiscated all the perfume bottles that were labelled ‘Morsi,’ then arrested [him] and also seized his laptop,” said Abdel Fattah Badir.

“The day after the arrest, my younger brother Qassam, 24, put a sign up on the shop door saying: An apology to customers — our Mohamed Morsi perfume has been seized by the authorities,” he added.

Badir insisted that the perfume was simply a business venture meant to attract customers.

In his defense, a perfume named Christian Dior would not be such a hit in the palestinian areas these days.

In other news, the guy’s brother is named after a missile.

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