Wishful Thinking Of The Day


..comes from one Judy Mozes, wife of Silvan Shalom, Israel’s Water, Energy, Development of Negev and Galilee and Regional Cooperation Minister

Translation: I should have assassinated him then

“Then” was at the Pope’s 2005 funeral in Rome, as Mozes goes on to explain in another tweet


Translation: The picture was taken at the Pope’s funeral in Rome. Inside, there was no security. Waste. He disgusted me also then.

That’s Mozes’ in the background of the photo, with the bright red hair. One can only wonder how she would have assassinated Assad. Then again, she kind of looks like the Joker in that photo, so perhaps she had a trick or two up her sleeve.

(incidentally, she does not look like she is wearing sleeves in her Twitter profile photo, or much at all)

And here she looks positively bad-ass and capable of turning Assad into worm food.

judy mozes

Yes, I’m making fun, but at least it sounds like she wouldn’t ask Congress for permission first.

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