Roger Waters Tries To Give The Irish An Education They Don’t Need


It seems that hardly a week goes by without hearing about Roger Waters and his anti-Israel ways.

This time, the rock’n’roll BDSHole has launched a teaching pack on the “Israeli-palestinian conflict.”

roger waters educationIconic British musician Roger Waters launched an education resource on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Dublin this week, an Irish solidarity group said.

Mr Waters told a packed audience in Dublin that he “wholeheartedly endorsed” a teaching pack entitled ‘Palestine & Israel – How will there be a Just Peace?’, which was co-produced by Sadaka – the Ireland Palestine Alliance.

The resource is the first curriculum approved teaching module on Israel/Palestine in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and provides a critical analysis of the conflict in a context of human rights.

“I have studied the education pack… and it is extremely well laid out, extremely informative and eloquent in a way that kids will understand,” Waters said.

Marie Crawley, chair of Sadaka, said that Waters’ endorsement of the pack is “immeasurable in its importance and will be hugely influential with young people around the country as we encourage schools to use this resource.”

You can see the curriculum here.

I was going to analyze it, but during the course of this post discovered that blogger Elder of Ziyon already did so. And since he did a great job, I’ll link to his analysis.

I will, though, add some additional things I noticed. Like the Barriers to Peace section.

barriers to peace

Notice anything missing? Oh yeah, that little thing called terrorism, which is a huge barrier to peace.

Then in the discussion on the first “barrier” – the borders – a decidedly anti-Israel viewpoint is presented. The withdrawal from Gaza is mentioned (update: but in the incorrect year; it occurred in 2005), in context of the so-called “Gaza blockade”, but no mention is made of the continued rocket fire and terrorist attacks emanating from Gaza, which necessitate Israel to maintain some control over what goes in and out of Gaza.

barrier one

Similarly, the Refugees section makes no mention of the almost one million Jewish refugees who fled or were expelled from Arab lands and Iran, most after Israel’s founding in 1948.


In short: the curriculum pretends to be even-handed but is anything but.

Kind of like Roger Waters himself.

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