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Roger Waters: Palestinians Have a ‘Moral Obligation’ to Fire Rockets into Israel

In an interview about the current situation in Israel with RT news, antisemite Roger Waters has really bared his fangs

A Response to Roger Waters’ Latest Drunk Rant Against Israel

Roger Waters has yet again done his version of drunk-dialling: uploaded a video of one of his rants against Israel
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Roger Waters Wants People to Boycott Arab (Including Palestinian) Soccer Players

Roger Waters has launched a campaign to boycott Israel's national soccer team and Israeli football clubs from international competition
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Drunk Roger Waters Embarrasses Himself Again

Roger Waters appears drunk during last night's Zoom discussion titled Let's Talk It Over #2: Israeli Apartheid
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Roger Waters Tries to Bully Stevie Wonder into Rejecting Wolf Prize

Antisemitic rock'n'roll BDShole Roger Waters is now putting pressure on Stevie Wonder to reject Israel's Wolf prize
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Where Roger Waters Can’t Spell His Own Song Lyric

Antisemitic rock'n'roll BDShole Roger Waters is back to tweeting about his first love -Israel-bashing of course
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Roger Waters Endorses Vandalism and Destruction of Property

Yesterday, I posted about the Israel-hating groups who full-on vandalized a factory for Israeli company Elbit. This included a so-called conservation group that -...

Flying Pig: Roger Waters Posts Article Critical of the Palestinian Authority

Just when you thought 2020 could not get any stranger, along comes Roger Waters to throw another curveball

Roger Waters Still Toying With Sanity

In a further show of him perhaps going stark raving bonkers (or heavy on the turps again), antisemitic rock'n'roll BDShole Roger Waters has posted the following video and commentary
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Where Even Iranian State TV Knows Roger Waters Is Just a Musician With An...

Iran's state television on Tuesday issued a correction after calling Pink Floyd's Roger Waters a "political expert" when airing his comments on US President-elect Joe Biden
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Roger Waters’ Hypocrisy Again on Full Display

Antisemitic rock'n'roll BDShole Roger Waters is getting behind the Shinnecock Nation

Roger Waters Finds a Way to Shut his Piehole

Antisemitic rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters is unhappy at Twitter

Roger Waters Franks His Antisemitism Credentials

Antisemitic rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters was recently on a panel with other scum and villainy, including Miko Peled and John Pilger

Amnesty International Throws Roger Waters Under the Bus

This next report is from the vile Russia Today, and it takes a pro Roger Waters stance. But I am sharing because I am in the mood for popcorn
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