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Roger Waters, Mark Ruffalo, and Brian Eno Among Haters Declaring Support for Antisemite Jeremy...

A few days ago, I posted about a letter from a number of celebrities declaring they could not vote for Labour due to its antisemitism problem. A number of other celebrities have now come out with their own letter - declaring support for antisemite Jeremy Corbyn

Oh the Irony! Roger Waters Goes After Anti-Racist Org for “Cherry Picking Racism”

Antisemite Roger Waters has released a new video, criticizing a group called Artists Against Racism (AAR) for "cherry picking racism."

WATCH: “[Roger Waters] Was Bit of a Bum, Wasn’t He?”

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason recently sat down with ACDC singer Brian Johnson as part of his A Life on the Road series

WATCH: Roger Waters Accusing Israel of Wanting to Destroy Iran for Shits’n’Giggles

Just how Waters cannot help but bring Israel in to any conversation, especially when it involves demonizing us.

Roger Waters Accuses Israelis of Wanting to Destroy Iran Just Because We Don’t Want...

Waters implies us Israelis are all genocidal maniacs

Was Roger Waters Caught Using Israeli Tech?

Remember those photos of Roger Waters on the New York subway, looking like a homeless hobo? It turns out there was also some video

Priceless! Face of Israel’s Anti-BDS Campaign Accidentally Resembles Roger Waters

If Avri Gilad grew his hair, he'd look like chief BDS-hole Roger Waters!

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemites of the Day: Edinburgh Action for Palestine

Where I catch Edinburgh Action for Palestine, a branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, disseminating blatant antisemitism

Roger Waters Beaming After Receiving Gift From Brutal Dictator

Rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters continues to show he is on the wrong side of history

Sprung Again! Roger Waters Caught Lying About Israeli Audience

An old story Roger Waters has been peddling for a while about fans at his 2006 concert in Israel gets debunked

Photo of the Day: Roger Waters Spotted On NYC Subway Looking Like Vagrant

Rock'n'roll BDS-hole spotted looking worse for wear on the subway

WATCH: Roger Waters In Possibly His Insanest Rant Yet

Rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters has lost the plot


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