BBC Only Knows One Modern-Day State: Palestine

I was just sent this screen shot which was accompanied by these spoken words. Its from a new BBC history of the Ottoman Empire. This is an exact transcript of the spoken words for this section from Episode 3 (mp3 Audio link):

“A whole series of new countries was created in the Middle East. France got modern-day Syria and Lebanon. The British took control of modern-day Iraq, Palestine and Jordan.”

BBC History of the Ottoman Empire modern-day Palestine

So, BBC, if you’re talking about “modern-day” countries where the hell is the Jewish one, you know, the one with a name that begins with I and ends with srael. The one whose flag is not fit to fly at swimming competitions in Arab countries. The one Britain did her best to prevent happening. The one whose people Britain helped starve and imprison after the Nazis had barely failed in their attempt to eradicate. Where the hell is ISRAEL on your map and why won’t you say her name on your program. That’s the land you were given in trust for the Jews (as the San Remo conference adequately established) and the one out of which you carved huge chunks to appease your oil rich buddies with kingdoms and sheikhdoms.

I’ll say it again. The happiest part of leaving the UK, for me, was cancelling my direct debit to your filthy organisation. And damn right I’ll steal Top Gear on bit torrent whenever I want it now.

h/t to Lynette on Facebook.

UPDATE: The full transcript and audio of the offensive section added.


Brian of London

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