Immoral Equivalence At

After hinting that Zionism equals Nazism, and “forgetting” to mention the Temple Mount’s holiness to Jews, it seems that the Ha’aretz Facebook page is looking for the coveted top spot on the ADL top 10 anti-Israel groups.

It was reported today that an IDF tactical UAV had crashed inside the Gaza Strip due to a malfunction

Yet for some anti-Israel folk, the IDF’s word is as good as Hamas’.

Haaretz UAV

Do note that while the IDF “claims”, Hamas “reports”.

Remember, this is the same “news” outlet that reported Hamas shot down an IAF F-16 last year during OPoD.

Needless to say that this isn’t the first time one of these UAV’s has crashed due to a malfunction, and it isn’t the last. It is also not the first time Ha’aretz has shown it’s moral deviancy, and it too, isn’t the last.


Judge Dan

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