Arafat Polonium Resurrection Is Junk Science

Dead Terrorist Arafat ZombieOver at The Times of Israel I’ve gone into some detail about the nonsense claims that the stinky remains of evil, unrepentant, dead terrorist Yasser Arafat contain some evidence he was poisoned with Polonium-210.

Background radiation is like the noise when you’re standing on a street. If someone is standing next to you, talking to you, you can probably hear them. Detecting low levels of radiation is like listening to a whisper on a busy street. Best if you listen to the whisper in a quiet room.

Detecting Polonium 210 after 8 years is like trying to hear someone whispering on a busy street in New York. While you’re standing in London.


With the most amazing measuring equipment, in the most physically shielded room possible, you couldn’t find a piece of radioactive Polonium-210 8 years after it was made.

The decay products of Polonium-210 are not uncommon enough to find either.

There’s no way on earth this lab found anything scientifically significant in the corpse of Arafat.

He died of natural causes or Aids: releasing an unedited version of his medical records would go a long way to solving this little mystery. Certainly that would do a lot more than a pseudo-sicence dance in Switzerland. No matter what his widow and his adoring terrorist friends would like to think.

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  1. E Pluribus Wombat

    al Beeb had fat skank Suha Arafat on raving. The BBC calls this, and I quote, “The Crime of the Century”. Not entirely sure which century they mean given that Boy-toucher Arafat died in 2004 but since it’s the BBC they probably mean ALL the centuries.

    BTW the Russian version of this report found no evidence of anything.

  2. Yes, and naturally the CBC has to give air time to a story that was verified only by the Swiss, without mentioning the Russians already said they had found no evidence of polonium poisoning and the French have yet to report, but not a word about the 3 billion in aid from the EU siphoned off by Abbas & Co and I don’t recall the $22 million tunnel from Gaza into Israel getting much attention from the Corpse either.

  3. poisoned or not – they have he’s rotting remains probed and poked by swindles all over the world, bringing up his illnesses in every int. channel, talking to his nauseating wife and… his underwear.

    this is the best revenge ever!!! 😀

  4. This story is getting a lot of play in the media. Some papers are saying the report shows Arafat was “probably” poisoned, etc. Amazing.

  5. unbelievable. It’s like giving Hitler imach shemo front pages on newspapers and online publications. Don’t they know that he was the biggest jews murderer of the last century? Don’t they know how brutal he killed his own brothers?
    This world is so insane and money/sensation-driven that it is sickening. (talking about all the newspapers and online publications publishing this horse rubbish)
    Also having to see this arse-face is just making want to puke.

  6. The claim that Israel poisoned him is nonsense, and this whole thing is a carefully-planned staged event designed to incite even greater hatred for Israel among Arabs to perhaps trigger a 3rd intifada. Last November during the exhumation they claimed it would take 8-10 months to get results. 10 months later, in September, the US was considering striking Syria. A “discovery” like this combined with a US strike would put Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas on the warpath.

    If you bury someone in the ground, any polonium would decay and be absorbed into the ground and be undetectable 8 years later. If you “bury” someone in an aboveground mausoleum, any polonium would not be absorbed into the ground and would still be detectable. Guess where Arafat is buried?

    Why bury him in a tomb if you had no reason to go back at the opportune moment and “find” polonium? Why would his wife keep a toothbrush and urine-stained underwear for 8 years if there weren’t some reason to go back and “find” polonium on them?

    The Mossad is not sloppy enough to use something easily-tracable like polonium; when Russia used it on Litvinenko they left a trail halfway across Europe. Russia has the world’s largest reserve of polonium, and guess who the PLO is in close cahoots with, and who Arafat himself and Abbas recieved their training/college degrees respectively from? RUSSIA! The Palis are not above killing their own if they can go back and exploit it at the opportune moment (Rachel Corrie, anyone?).

    1. A third intifada is Abbas’s worst nightmare because he knows that a far better prepared IDF would kick his ass across the Jordan.

      1. Yeah, but that would be great for Hamas, seeing as they hate Fatah about as much as they hate Israel. Al-Jazeera has been big on pushing this polonium baloney, and they are run by the emir of Qatar, who is a known Hamas supporter….

  7. It may be the lead story on the BBC World Service, and heavy coverage in Israel, but from an American Cable news perspective, the approach seems to be “Who’s Yasser Arafat?”

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