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Suha Arafat Does Not Think Israel Poisoned Her Dead Hubby

Last week, Israel's Yediot Aharonot newspaper published an interview with Suha Arafat, widow of deceased palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat. In it, she surprised many...

Arafat Polonium Resurrection Is Junk Science

Detecting Polonium 210 after 8 years is like trying to hear someone whispering on a busy street in New York. While you’re standing in London.

Suha Arafat Wishes She Never Married Yasser

Suha Arafat has revealed she tried to divorce her hubby at least 100 times. But unlike the blood on his hands, it wouldn't stick

Suha Arafat Admits Second Intifada Was Premeditated

Suha Arafat admits her deceased husband planned the Second Intifada way before Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount

Nigerian Scam: The Next Generation

Old and busted: Simple Nigerian scam emails, purportedly from despotic leaders and the wives of terrorists New hotness: Nigerian scam emails, purportedly from despotic leaders and the wives of terrorists, now with links to supporting information!

Piggyfat’s Porkers

In an interview with an Egyptian journalist, Sewer "Piggyfat" Arafat has denied she stole money from "Palestine."

Piggyfat Points The Finger

A few days ago, I posted about the travails of Sewer Arafat, who had an arrest warrant issued against her. Before reading on, can you guess who she blames?

The Downfall of Sewer Arafat?

An arrest warrant has been issued against Piggyfat
suha arafat

“I Hate The Israelis”

Suha Arafat, the show wife of former palestinian leader, arch terrorist Yasser Arafat, flapping her snout to a Saudi magazine, confessing she never really wanted peace with Israelis anyway.

What Suha Told Yasser

Ha'aretz reports on Suha Arafat's conversations with her husband on his deathbed. When Yasser Arafat was on his deathbed, his wife Suha read him passages...

The Day In Israel: Mon Nov 9th, 2009

The White House announced that President Barack Obama will be meeting with Binyamin Netanyahu during the Israeli prime minister's trip to Washington, but did...

The Return of Piggyfat?

Watch out palestinians. You might just experience a real food shortage. Suha Arafat, the widow of the late Palestinian president Yasser Arafat, says she wants...

Pappafat and Piggyfat

(Pappa Smurf idea inspired by Imshin. Who am I kidding? It was totally her idea. But I will take credit for the Miss Pigg
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