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Arafat Polonium Resurrection Is Junk Science

Detecting Polonium 210 after 8 years is like trying to hear someone whispering on a busy street in New York. While you’re standing in London.

Partial Solar Eclipse Today In Israel

Please remember: do not look at this directly. You will permanently damage your eyes.

China Hearts Israel Water Tech

One billion Chinese thirsty for Israeli tech means one colossal BDS fail.

BDS This!

Looks like BDSHoles now have more wonderful Israeli medical breakthroughs to boycott

Take Note BDSHoles

Created in Israel

I Smell A Rat..Ehhh..Mouse

Introducing our latest weapon: Zionist Sniffer Mice of Death.TM

Ashes To Ashes, Dung To Dust

Introducing our latest weapon: Zionist Death Dung.TM

No Bones About It

Here is some good news for all of us, but especially Binyamin Netanyahu, if he plans on playing soccer again

Technion Improves Microscope Resolution

The Technion improves microscope resolution 10-fold. Humanity advances, Israel haters gonna hate.

Chinese Man Cons Sky News

It's held together with snot and bogies, but I think it's going to work!

Hard To Ignore

There are certain truths about Israel that even the mainstream media cannot ignore.
Bedouin Children

This Apartheid And Ethnic Cleansing Thing Is So Hard..

As usual, we are doing it all wrong.
Grow Fish Anywhere

Desert Fish

More Zionist cunning.
india 35 tablet

The $35 Computer

Introducing the world's first $35 computer.
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