Mel Gibson Reportedly Hooking Up With Israeli Actress


So claims the National Enquirer, so take it with a grain of salt.

“I see blue and white.”

Pity the parents of the beautiful Israeli model and actress Sarai Givaty.

If a recent report in the “National Enquirer” is true, there are just so many reasons for them to disapprove of their 31-year-old daughter’s rumored new romantic interest.

The lucky guy, according to the tabloid, is none other than Mel Gibson, the movie star and action icon of the 1980s, whose glitter has been tarnished again and again by scandal.


But if the Enquirer is to be believed, Gibson has still ‘got it’ – at least enough for Givaty to have fallen for the man who was People magazine’s very first “Sexiest Man Alive.” A classic National Enquirer unnamed source says the two are enjoying spending time together on the set of the film The Expendables 3 and that 31-year-old Tiberias-born Givaty “thinks he’s very charming. They love each other’s company.” Supposedly, she loves his sense of humor and they are getting closer by the minute.

Assuming this is true – and that’s one hell of an assumption – one can only imagine the pick-up line Mel must have used on her.

“Are you a Jew?”

“When you enter the room, you give me the Hebe geebees.”

“You are responsible for the war in my pants.”

“Hey there sugar t*ts

“I want some Jew booty in my hands.”

“Can I put my dog in your fight?”

“Let me give you some ovin‘”

Update: This is old but too hilarious to not post (language warning)

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