Seidemann’s Blaming The Wrong Side, Man


Last week, Daniel Seidemann, a pro palestinian Israeli, visited a friend in the palestinian neighborhood of Sur Bahir, and ended up almost getting killed by a rock.

His lesson from all of this? Israel is bad, mkay?




Seidemann’s willingness to blame this homicidal intent on the “occupation” is both wrong and dangerous.

It is wrong, since palestinians have been engaging in violence against Jews since well before the so-called occupation following the Six Day War (and, in fact, even before Israel was established in 1948).

It is dangerous, since it emboldens them by explaining away their actions and validating their desire to kill us.

Besides, even if you accepted their narrative that we have occupied their land (and I certainly don’t), since when is willful murder a valid response?

Seidemann may have been struck in the head with a rock, but he does not seem to have sense knocked into him.

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