Nuclear Iran WTF Update: Internet Memes Edition

As anyone who has read some of my intermittent blog posts or my Tweets may have guessed, I am not a fan of the recent deal struck by Iran and the gaggle of pathetically overeager, self-congratulatory Western nations who either should have known better, or didn’t care if they did any better.

It was bad enough that the Obama administration held secret negotiations with Iran for months behind Israel’s back, while claiming to ‘have Israel’s back’.

It was bad enough that the Obama administration has admitted that Iran has a “record of violating its obligations”, but agreed to the deal anyway.

It was bad enough that the Obama administration is giving legitimacy to the rogue, terror-supporting* Iranian regime as a nuclear state, thereby undermining the very UN Security Council he holds so dear.

*In the period between the end of the Vietnam War (1973) and 9/11 (2001), Iran-backed Hezbollah murdered more Americans than anyone else.

 But wait, there’s more! Now we learn that the deal is not yet finalized.

The final details of a nuclear agreement signed over the weekend between Iran and Western nations will not actually go into effect until further negotiations take place at a later date, according to a senior administration official and sources on Capitol Hill.

Even as Iran and the P5+1 announced late Saturday night that they had reached a six-month interim deal that curbs Iran’s nuclear program while giving Tehran the ability to continue some uranium enrichment activities, it is now clear that the six-month freeze will not go into effect until the P5+1 negotiators and Iran agree to a final plan to implement the interim agreement.

“Technical details to implement the Joint Plan of Action must be finalized before the terms of the Plan begin,” a senior administration official told the Washington Free Beacon on Monday. “The P5+1 and Iran are working on what the timeframe is.”

Congressional sources confirmed that the freeze would not actually begin until the parties agree to sign a supplemental agreement that puts the framework into effect.

That means the six-month clock referenced by the administration and media has not yet started. Iran can continue its most controversial nuclear activities as negotiators work to finalize the interim deal reached over the weekend.

“There is no deal in place,” a senior congressional aide briefed on the deal told the Free Beacon. “The agreement signed this weekend was not an actual agreement—it was a list of ideas with no way to implement them.”

The source said that all sides are in a holding pattern of sorts until final details can be worked out.

“The White House told us that it could take weeks to negotiate another agreement to implement this framework—but until then, Iran’s nuclear program runs full steam ahead,” the source said.

It is unclear when negotiations on a final interim deal will take place and be completed.

Critics say that Congress’ hands will be tied from passing additional sanctions as negotiators continue efforts to finalize the interim deal.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said the first phase of the deal could take effect by the end of the year.

In a saner world, this window might act as a reprieve of sorts – a short pause where cooler, wiser heads might prevail and have this diplomatic abomination repealed.

Alas, no such luck, sanity, coolness, or wisdom here. You see, the Obama administration has already unfrozen $8 billion in Iranian assets. So without having officially obliged themselves to perform any action (an obligation they will no doubt flout when the ink is finally dry), Iran is free to continue hurtling down the same IAEA-duping road they’ve been traveling for years now. The Khamenei regime is already starting to reap the financial and propaganda benefits of this not-yet-finalized deal.

First, I took to Twitter to express my outrage:

You see, I’m a cool shark. That’s my thang. Like an Evil Zionist Phil Dunphy, I’m hip, I surf the web, I text…

Perhaps I should have stayed closer to Phil’s innocuous interpretation of WTF (Why The Face?), but my frustration got the best of me, and I careened headlong into the wonderful world of profanity-laced memes (there be quite a few):


The swearing wasn’t my idea. Honest. The meme made me do it. See?


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