Israeli Arab Woman And IDF Commander

Meet Mona Lisa Abado, the first Arab-Israeli to enlist to the Israeli army who is now on her way to becoming a combat officer

Israeli-Arab -Named-After-A-Famous-Painting Washing?

7 thoughts on “Israeli Arab Woman And IDF Commander”

    1. Even more: There are a number of Arab-Israeli women in the IDF. It appears she’s the first to be training to be an officer in a combat unit.

      The original report was very badly written; several misplaced modifiers led to this confusion.

  1. Before I even saw the video I figured she was a Christian based on her first and last name..

    Did Amira Hass ever serve in the IDF?

  2. You need to change the tagline to “first Arab-Israeli WOMAN to enlist”. There are many Arabs who have enlisted in the IDF. In the movie “Amir Got His Gun” they summarize how many Bedouin and even a few Muslim Arabs have enlisted.

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