Photo of the Day: “Selfie” in Teddy Park, Jerusalem


The Arab propaganda machine churns out more nonsense and headlines are filled with Bedouin protests.

but it is holiday time in Jerusalem, Israel,  time to sit and enjoy the last of unusually warm weather.

In the summer the new Teddy Park was filled with families,

and thousands of children were jumping in the water from the fountain day and night.

Now with music, lights  and water only at night time, the park is not so crowded.

photo Palestinian couple, picture Jerusalem Palestinians, image Israel apartheid

As a few Israeli children were playing, this young Arab couple was sitting nearby.

I wonder if her “selfie” will end up on Facebook or Twitter?

Another day in the park, another #BDSfail and #IsraeliApartheidFail

another scene you will not see in headlines.

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