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Danny Ayalon With More Real Truth About Palestine

Remember those two pretty girls with the attitude, lies and no substance? They produced a rebuttal video to Danny Ayalon’s video “The Truth about the West Bank”. Dave wrote an excellent point by point rebuttal and, what do you know, tonight Danny Ayalon thanked Dave by posting his latest video directly onto Israellycool’s Facebook wall.

Here’s his new video incorporating many of the points Dave made in that post.

The Facebook posting:

And be sure to watch the video until the very end for a nice surprise.

10 thoughts on “Danny Ayalon With More Real Truth About Palestine”

  1. The Palestinian Refugiés Problem will persist simply because they earn Money
    With the Name Refugiés You get Money and the UN officials for palestine Refugiés good salary

  2. I’d really like to see Ayalon quoting Islamic scholars to discredit that video. I can’t even imagine what they would do. They could accuse him of “corrupting” Ibn Khaldun’s writings too… =p

    Palestine was a pretty common way to call that place unless you were an… Arab Muslim!
    Ibn Khaldun, for example, described the land of the Israelites as Syria:

    “The Israelites are a good example. Moses urged them to go and become rulers
    of Syria. He informed them that God had made this their destiny.”

    “In addition, they did not really believe what Moses told them, namely, that Syria would be theirs and that the Amalekites who were in Jericho would fall prey to them, by virtue of the divine decree that God had made in favor of the Israelites.”

    Chapter 2 (18) — Meekness and docility to outsiders that may come to be found in a tribe are obstacles on the way toward royal authority.

    And on the same chapter, he confirms that Jews and Israelites are the same thing:

    The Israelites are the most firmly misled in this delusion. They originally
    had one of the greatest “houses” in the world, first, because of the great number of
    prophets and messengers born among their ancestors… Still, the delusion of
    (nobility) has not left them. THEY CAN BE FOUND SAYING: “He is an Aaronite”; “He is a descendant of Joshua”; “He is one of Caleb’s progeny”; “He is from the tribe of

    Chapter 2 (12) — Only those who share in the group feeling (of a group) can have a “house” and nobility in the basic sense and in reality, while others have it only in a metaphorical and figurative sense.

  3. “…the Israelites after Moses and Joshua remained unconcerned with royal authority for about four hundred years. Their only concern was to establish their religion.”

    “The Israelites dispossessed the Canaanites of the land that God had given them as their heritage in Jerusalem and the surrounding region, as it had been explained to them through Moses.”

    Chapter III, 31 — Remarks on the words “Pope” and “Patriarch” in the Christian religion and on the word “Kohen” used by the Jews)

    This small chapter is very interesting. He talks about the Israelites having their own religion, instead of claiming that Moses and the ancient Jews were Muslims; he says that Jewish sovereignty on the land of Syria/israel lasted for 1400 years; he talks about the tribes splitting into two dynasties, about Samaria (he calls it Sabastiyah)… always talking about Jews. Never mentioning Palestinians, Jebusites, Canaanites, Muslims….

    Such a filthy liar!

  4. What a waste of time and money. Danny Alyon preaches to the converted. Ridiculous. Armed with a bunch of facts that the other side doesn’t care about, he persists in combating them with logic. Which is why the Israeli hasbara effort is such a joke–clearly, they don’t know who there target audience is or how to move them. Who is going to win–a guy in a suit with an accent and maps or some cute girls?

    What is needed?

    Here’s an idea–a video that mounts an EMOTIONAL response, perhaps with comedy, narratives, music, stand-up, funny skits, etc. Have a bunch of brilliant attractive and funny young people write and perform the video, maybe turn it into a News-type show and…wait a minute: WE HAD LATMA. WHY ISN’T the Israeli government funding Latma? (Oh, because they also exposed the government. Got it.)

    Danny Alyon should give away his funds to the Latma gang and Caroline Glick. No one listens to Danny except those that already agree with him and know most of the facts. He isn’t slick, clever, or funny. He comes across as a heavily-accented robot. Stiff. Boring.

    Lefties and anti-Semities do not care about facts, they care about emotions like “righteous anger” and Orwellian concepts to get fired up about, like “social justice”. These are all the same people, by the way. Facts simply do not matter. Why fight emotions with facts? Will not work. Get some cute Israeli girls to answer those Pal girls. Duh.

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