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WATCH: The Truth About Jerusalem And Why President Trump Needs To Move The Embassy

Danny Ayalon explains the facts about Jerusalem and the Jewish People

Danny Ayalon’s Reddit Q&A Gets Removed And His Answers Downvoted

Couldn't call it unexpected, but disappointing nonetheless

Danny Ayalon Rips The UN In New Video

Well played, Danny. Well played.

Pro-Israel Guy Rips “Real” Truth About Palestine Video

Excellent new rebuttal to the infamous video

Danny Ayalon With More Real Truth About Palestine

I don’t think the girls are going to like this.

Revealing Interview With “Real Truth About Palestine” Actresses

With bonus libel of yours truly

Tweeting With Twits: A Case Study Of Israel Haters’ Tactics

An enlightening exchange

Danny Ayalon Hearts Israellycool

The former Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister has shared one of our posts

Young Palestinians Post The “Real” Truth About Palestine In Response To Danny Ayalon

Only it is NOT the real truth and I show you why

One Minute’s Silence for Murdered Israeli Athletes

Israel has launched a public campaign calling on the IOC to reverse its decision not to observe a minute's silence for the Munich Games Eleven

Strong Responses From UNRWA

This is the only thing the head of UNRWA can come up with about Danny Ayalon's video?

Palestinian Refugees

Israel's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Danny Ayalon tackles the palestinian refugee issue

Danny Does Da’truth

Another great video from the Israeli Government!

The Truth About The West Bank

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon with a needed history lesson.
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