Iron Like A Lion In Zion

Lion in Israel - Photo Credit: Brian of London
Lion in Israel – Photo Credit: Brian of London

We’ve got a new friend making Aliyah: Gir, the Asiatic lion is flying in from Sweeden.

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo was preparing on Thursday to receive a new male lion, due to arrive in Israel on an evening cargo plane flight from Sweden.

Zoo authorities said that the rare Asiatic lion, named Gir, is just 2 years of age and has not yet grown a full mane. Nonetheless, Chief Carnivore Keeper Dennis Smith is taking no chances with introducing the big cat to his new home at the zoo, where he will join Ileniya, an elderly lioness who is 16 years old.

The lions will be kept apart at first to prevent any super-size cat fights, although a window between their rooms will allow them to see each other, giving keepers an idea of whether or not they can be let out to roam together. However, even that is not always a clear indication of what will happen once they get their paws on each other.

“It is still a bit risky,” Smith said.

That’s a lucky lion to have found such a welcoming home. A few kilometres further east in Syria, they’re eating their lions.

And in case you don’t know where the title of this post comes from:


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