Ha’aretz Goes Full Evil With Scarlett Johansson


Can you believe this picture created by Ha’aretz and tweeted on their official account? Are they implying SodaStream keeps Palestinians in cages? I can’t understand what they’re saying. Honestly I can’t.

And while I agree, we’ve used a few images of Ms Johansson without prior clearance from her management team, I suspect that this use of her image may just have her lawyers reaching for their quills.

A slightly longer explanation. The tweet links to a longer piece discussing the various memes that have appeared on the web around SodaStream and Johansson. However, by embedding this unidentified image directly in Ha’aretz’s twitter feed, they give the impression it is from Ha’aretz. That’s just the nature of twitter. Many won’t click on the link and understand any context. So we could say this is poor use of Twitter or we could say that Ha’aretz rather like the picture.

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