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Scarlett Johansson: Actors Shouldn’t Feel Need to Get Political

In an interview with "The Gentlewoman," Scarlett Johansson says she believes actors should not feel the need to get political

Israeli Easter Egg in Black Widow Trailer

Notice something in the trailer for Marvel's upcoming Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson?

“The Mountain” Frees The Bubbles

Thor has something to say about plastic bottles.
Richard Silverstein

Richard Silverstein Falls For Yet Another Hoax Story

The fool is fooled again

Scarlett Johansson, L’Chaim!

Another reason for the BDSHoles to hate her

Israel, The Choice Of Ridiculously Good-Looking People

Scarlett Johansson and Carla Bruni dish up a nice-sized serving of BDS fail

Scarlett Johansson Defends Israel

Despite being given The Guardian treatment

BDS Against Israel Will Fail #BDSFail #BDS

We shouldn’t be overly scared of the Boycott Sanctions and Divestment Movement #BDS #BDSFail

Ha’aretz Goes Full Evil With Scarlett Johansson

Are they implying SodaStream keeps Palestinians in cages?

When Did Oxfam Stop Supporting BDS?

If words are not enough, what “concrete measures” is Oxfam calling for from the EU?

Roger Waters Pens Scarlett Letter

He's trying to persuade Scarlett Johansson - with lies - to share his hatred of Israel

More Anti-Israel Publications Quoting Palestinians FOR SodaStream And AGAINST BDS

At the risk of overdosing on the topic, but it is important to mention
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