Where’s the Apartheid: Israel Knesset

Many lies, myths, smears and Pallywood fake photos are being circulated in honor of Israel Apartheid Week. The name itself is misleading, as the ‘week’ is scheduled to last for more than a month this year.

We plan to share new and real photos of the Apartheid situation in Israel each week of the hate fest.

It is a fact that 10% of Israeli Knesset members are Arab.

picture of sign in Arabic, Israel apartheid sign photo, picture arabic in Israel

All official signs in Israel are in Hebrew and Arabic, the Israeli house of government is no exception.

But it took more than one visit to find this room and sign. People working in the Knesset building were not aware there was such a room, let alone its location.

sign in Arabic, photo in arabic and hebrew to remove shoes, picture Muslim prayer room in Knesset

Inside the Knesset building there is a Muslim prayer room. No shoes allowed!

picture Muslim prayer room, photo prayer room in Knesset, image Israeli apartheid

I was not allowed inside, but the guard made a call and he was allowed to unlock the door and let me take photos.

image Muslim prayer on Temple Mount, picture inside Muslim prayer room, image Israel apartheid

The photo hanging inside is not of Mecca, but of the Temple Mount filled with bowing Islamic worshipers.

image Islam prayer, photo Israel apartheid, picture prayer calendar

Did you know that this poster was hanging inside the Israeli Knesset?

One day last week a group of Arab students were on a visit to the Knesset.

After eating lunch in the Knesset staff cafeteria, they wandered around the area.

Where’s the Apartheid?

image Arab girls, photo Knesset building apartheid state, photo arab girls

The only signs of separation were for the toilets – one for men and one for women.

Arab women and girls use the same restrooms as other female Israelis.

So where’s the Apartheid?

No sign of it anywhere in the Israeli Knesset.


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