Truth about Palestine: The Symphony

In 1936, one of the greatest musical conductors of all time, Arturo Toscanini,

image Toscani , photo Palestine music, picture Palestine culture

traveled to Palestine to conduct the first performance of the Palestine Symphony.

image Palestine music, photo culture Palestine, Palestine picture

It made headlines around the world.

image Palestine culture, photo Palestine music, picture of Palestine

The Palestine Symphony, project and passion of Bronislaw Huberman,

image headline Palestine, photo Palestine, picture Palestine

was such a success that it also made headlines.

image Palestine Symphony, photo Palestine, picture Palestine

 The Palestine Symphony had 73 musicians – they were all Jews.

image Music Palestine, photo Israeli philharmonic, picture early orchestra Israel

In 1948, The Palestine Symphony became known as the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra.

Thanks to Josh Aronson and his excellent film Orchestra of Exiles for bringing this story to life.

The Truth about Palestine.

8 thoughts on “Truth about Palestine: The Symphony”

  1. The Jewish people jettisoned the national name “Palestinians” in favor of the national name “Israelis”.

    The local Arabs, lacking people-hood or a national identity, picked up the discarded word, dusted it off, and began the marketing of themselves as the “Palestinian people” as part of their propaganda and fight against the true native people here — the Jews.

    1. Exactly, which is why it is important to tell the truth about Palestine. Millions are being invested in a propaganda campaign to “rebrand” and it is working in Europe and around the world. Clever marketing can sell anything as narrative.

  2. Are these pictures taken in cinema? This documentary has been around for a while. I’ve always wanted to see it.

    1. Sorry seeing this after so long. There are two movies on topic, these photos were taken at a showing of Orchestra of Exiles in Jerusalem, Israel.

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