Fox News Rips Richard Silverstein

Megan Kelly CAIR Honor Diaries Film Richard SilversteinOn International Women’s day, March 8, a devastating new film about the endemic culture of brutally oppressing women within Islamic society was debuted. This film is now being shown on campuses and other venues across America.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but knowing who produced it and some of the people involved in the project, I fully expect it to be excellent.

What’s more interesting is that Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Brotherhood front organisation that claims to speak for America’s Muslims (I really wish more American Muslims would stand up and disavow them), has objected to this film. They haven’t really got any solid reasons so they just scream “Islamophobia” a lot and hurl ad hominem attacks at the creators or producers of the film. It does appear that CAIR’s main line of attack is to point out the group that funded the film is run by Jews.

They’re trying to get all showing of this film stopped because Islam can’t accept criticism and has no need for concepts such as the paraphrasing of Voltaire “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

So Fox News ran a piece on the film and asked CAIR for a representative to defend their anti-free speech stance. Instead of sending someone from their organisation, they put forward Richard Silverstein to speak for them! Let that sink in: Muslim Brotherhood linked group CAIR puts forward a Jewish blogger from Seattle to attack a film about the horrendous treatment of women in Muslim society.

Seriously. Richard Silverstein is now on the CAIR rolodex as an official apologist! It’s pretty hard to reconcile his claim to be “pro-Israel” with an organisation which the Anti Defamation League (ADL) describes as:

CAIR also continues to offer a platform to conspiratorial Israel-bashers and outright anti-Semites.  For example, CAIR’s Florida chapter operates a Web site that makes anti-Semitic material available for visitors interested in learning about Islam. CAIR also organizes anti-Israel rallies during which protestors and speakers engage in anti-Semitic rhetoric, use offensive Holocaust imagery likening Jews and Israelis to Nazis, and express support for terror groups.

So are we to assume Richard Silverstein is a “conspiratorial Israel-basher and outright anti-Semite”?

But wait, there’s more! After being asked to appear by the producers of the Megyn Kelly show, dear old Dickie stuck up one of his usual personal screeds. It’s unclear whether he then declined to appear or had the invitation revoked but he did not appear. Without mentioning his name, Megyn Kelly said this about him (video will be embedded later):

We reached out to CAIR to get its perspective…CAIR pointed us to a blogger who, instead of coming on to defend his criticism of the film decided to write a hit piece lamenting that “Jews” produced this film and that FoxNews was intent on ginning up controversy over the movie.  Clearly CAIR’s chosen spokesperson wanted FoxNews to back off of its coverage.

That sounds like a pretty fair and balanced view of Richard Silverstein’s work. Dickie flew into a rage and emailed the show and received (and I still can’t believe this bit) and then actually published on his own blog the devastating email the show sent him! It’s a gem!

Dear Mr. Silverstein:

We are always interested in discussing the day’s top issues with intelligent, reasonable, and thoughtful guests. Sadly, your ad hominem attacks on Ms. Kelly and the puerile postings on your website make it clear you are not a member of that group. The a priori attempts to quash the debate by impugning our motives and questioning our integrity didn’t help either.


Tom Lowell
Executive Producer
The Kelly File

Seriously!  Not only did Fox write that to him, HE PUBLISHED IT!

Here’s the Fox show: I hope to see the movie soon, I’m sure it’s disturbing and important.




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