The Stamp Of An Evil Human

Released palestinian prisoner Issa Abd Rabbo has detailed the horrors he endured during his time in Israeli prison.

Which included making his stamp collecting difficult.

Issa Abd Rabbo“Released prisoner Issa Abd Rabbo has enthusiastically resumed his hobby, which the occupation had prevented him from [pursuing] during the 30 years he spent in the occupation’s prisons.
Abd Rabbo told our correspondent: ‘I have resumed my hobby of stamp collecting with enthusiasm, to make up for what I lost during my time in prison’…
Before his arrest, Abd Rabbo collected stamps, and among them was a collection of Jordanian stamps he had cut out of postal envelopes. After his arrest, he tried to pursue his hobby in prison, because he was certain he would be spending a long time in the new place. Indeed, after the period of interrogation, he started collecting stamps from letters sent to prisoners…
Abd Rabbo said: ‘I asked each prisoner to save the envelope for me so I could cut out the stamp or stamps attached to it. During my long time in prison, I collected 100 stamps, which accompanied me whenever I moved between nearly all of the occupation’s prisons’…
He said: ‘I’m proud of the stamps I collected in prison, but it was difficult for me to pursue [my] hobby in prison, because there were many restrictions, few letters arrived, and the quality of the stamps [was poor]. Prison also affects our hobbies, and I had no special albums to put the stamps in properly, so I put them in an envelope – the same one that left prison with me.'”

There was another hobby he was unable to continue during his prison time. Murdering Jews.

“There was supposed to be a military operation shooting at a bus transporting Israeli soldiers… I was surprised when on my way to the area, I waited, waited and waited and the bus didn’t come. I was forced to carry out an operation on my own, an improvisation, I took it upon myself. An Israeli car approached, with two in it. I said, here’s a chance and I don’t want to return empty-handed. They left the car… and walked towards the valley, and sat down under a pine tree. I went down to them. Of course I was masked and was carrying a rifle. He asked me: Are you a guard here? I told him: ‘No, I’m in my home.’ I told him: ‘You are not allowed here. This is our land and our country. You stole it and occupied our land and I’m going to act against you.’

They were surprised by what I told them. I tied them up of course and then sentenced them to death by shooting, in the name of the revolution. I shot them, one bullet each, and went [hiding] in the mountains… I went to my aunt and told her: ‘We have avenged Muhammad’s blood.’”

Host: “She is the mother of Martyr Muhammad Abd Rabbo.”

Issa Abd Rabbo: “I told her: ‘Instead of one, we got two.’ She cried out in joy.”

It looks like he got his aunt’s stamp of approval. And that, my friends, is part of the problem. A culture that promotes murder as the norm.

Meanwhile, the two university students he murdered – Ron Levi and Revital Seri – never got the opportunity to pursue their hobbies or raise families.

Here’s hoping he cops a licking. Followed by a Karma letter labelled “return to sender.”


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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