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Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Mourns Female Plane Hijacker

Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah have publish an obituary to Therese Halasa, a former terrorist who helped hijack a plane in 1972

Murderer of Teenage Israeli Girl Worked for Palestinian “Human Rights” Organization

Over the past few days, palestinians have been getting their rage on over the supposed bad treatment of prisoner Samar Arabid. The Palestinian NGOs Network...

Hamas Terrorist Who Found Humor in Trying to Murder Killed in “Work Accident”

Hamas terrorist Muhammad Fawzi al-Najjar has reportedly been killed in a terror tunnel accident.

Why You Shouldn’t Shed Any Tears for Bassam Al-Sayeh

Cue the violins as palestinian propaganda site Quds News Network relays this sob story

Omar Abu Laila, Murderer of Rabbi And Soldier, Killed in Firefight

We got our man - although "man" is being kind.

Haters & Palestinian Media Redefine Words “Youth” and “Teenager”

Reader Max notices some age inconsistencies with the terrorist killed in Hebron a few days ago

Sprung! Haters Edit IDF Footage to Advance False Narrative

A group called Jews Against Zionism tweeted this video today, decrying the IAF they say "murdered" a palestinian civilian

Ari Fuld’s Murderer Clearly Driven By Poverty and Desperation

I mean c'mon! He clearly couldn't even afford jeans without holes in the knees

Hamashole Abdel Rahim Abbas Goes Out With A Bang

Another one bites the dust

Did ‘Doctors Without Borders’ Terrorist Foreshadow His Deadly Intentions?

It seems this nurse really did not have any borders

Bad Moments in Palestinian Pickup Lines

Old and busted: "Jihad me at hello"

Facebook Hits New Low With “Terrorist Frame”

We are already used to Facebook's double standards when it comes to leaving up the most vile antisemitic and pro-terrorism content. But I believe they have now hit a new low

Ok, NOW He’s Dead!

A few weeks ago, it was widely reported that the IDF vaporized Ahmed Jarrar, the terrorist behind the murder of of Rabbi Raziel Shevach. Turns out, we didn't. But we did now.

Ding Dong the Klutz is Dead! Senior Hamashole Imad Al-Alami Shuffles Off This Mortal...

Senior Hamashole Imad Al-Alami, who was in critical condition after reportedly shooting himself in the head while checking his gun, is now dead


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