Reader Post: A Palestinian Talks About Life In The PA

From a Jerusalem Institute of Justice event at Uppsala University in Sweden, April 9th, 2014, on the question: Who is responsible for the mistreatment of Palestinians?

It’s a long video, but it’s worth it – you will see why in the first few minutes. Among other things, Christy talks about how children are indoctrinated and sent to attack Israelis, how militias fire on Israelis from in front of Christian homes (so the return fire will damage them), the corrupt PA judicial system, and how, even though her house is surrounded on three sides by the wall, if she were Prime Minister of Israel, she would build it.

Other videos from the event can be watched here.


13 thoughts on “Reader Post: A Palestinian Talks About Life In The PA”

      1. JIJ is run by Calev Myers, a cunning missionary. This event in Sweden is one of Myers’ pro-Israel promo jobs, which gives him greater legitimization and tolerance in Israeli’s eyes.

        There’s a price to pay.

        1. Yeah but if he is targeting anti-Jewish Scandinavian churches for proselytism, where is the harm?

          There are some pro-Jewish denominations among Christians who do not try to convert us but simply abide by the idea that those who bless us will be blessed and those who curse us will be cursed. I think that this idea comes from the early evangelicals and puritans.

          1. 1. The harm is Myer’s legitimization and entry into Israeli society. He is an enemy of the Jewish people.
            2. Look up the meaning of Evangelical in the dictionary. Your understanding is an oxymoron.

            1. Are you seriously demonising the guy because his religion contradicts yours? May I remind you that is OUR side that tolerates other religions and OUR ENEMY who does not?

              1. No. I’m seriously demonizing the guy because his agenda is to destroy the core of Judaism and to swamp Israel with messianic christian residents.

                As to your claim that the Torah “tolerates other religions”, that is absolutely false. Your move.

                1. Far be it from me to speak on behalf of another, but I understood Andrew Brehm to mean “our religion tolerates MEMBERS OF ANOTHER RELIGION practicing that religion” (but does not tolerate members of another religion trying to get JEWS to practice that other religion).

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