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Palestinians Seethe as PA Blocks Their Websites

Remember when palestinians were complaining how Facebook had removed and blocked some of their content? That is so 3 weeks ago

PA Bans LGBTQ. Still No FU From Human Rights Organizations

Can't wait to see what all of those anti-Israel LGBTQ groups have to say about this

Jason Greenblatt Strikes Back at Seething PA: Stop Pretending Jewish History Isn’t True!

A powerful response by US special envoy Jason Greenblatt

Heartwarming Scenes of Coexistence…Unless You Are the Palestinian Leadership

Heartwarming scenes..unless you are the PA

Even The Neturei Karta Israel-Haters Need Palestinian Police Protection

A few days ago, anti-Israel nutjobs the Neturei Karta went to Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, which is under PA control.

Efforts Underway to Have PA Declared A Terrorist Organization Under Australian Criminal Law

The Australian Jewish Association has sought advice from one of Australia’s most experienced senior criminal barristers with extensive experience  in prosecuting terrorism cases, that the PA is a ‘terrorist organisation’ as defined under Australian criminal law.

Palestinian Authority To Stop Sending Patients to Israeli Hospitals

The Palestinian Authority will no longer allow patients to be referred to Israeli hospitals

Hamas Accuses PA of Helping Israel To…Save Civilian Lives

It looks like Hamas and PA will not be on each others' Ramadan card list any time soon, with Hamas now accusing the PA of the crime of helping Israel during the latest Gaza strikes.

BDS Fail of the Day: Damn Juice Edition

So it seems the Palestinian Ministry of Labor has a juice problem

Palestinians Continue to Bite the Hand That Feeds Them

Palestinians react to a new soon-to-opened mall designed to help them

Arabs Complain About Israel’s Latest “Onslaught”

What albawaba deems to be an "onslaught"

What The Hell is Going On? Palestinian Authority Jerusalem Shenanigans

Can you spot all the things in this report that are so wrong ... and the one thing that is sooo right?


Columnist Max Boot seems to have a very short memory


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