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MUST WATCH: Whistle-blower Reveals PA’s Theft of Funds from International Organizations

Video of Yasser Jadallah, former director of President Mahmoud Abbas’ Political Department of the PA

Peak Palestinian Response to Vital Medical Equipment from the United Arab Emirates

A few days ago, a direct flight to Israel from Abu Dhabi landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport with equipment to help palestinians in the "West Bank" and the Gaza Strip deal with the coronavirus pandemic

Even PA and Hamas Officials Love Fauda

Fauda has certainly become a sensation

Did PA Have Anti-Israel Website Take Down Report About PA Spokesperson Making Antisemitic Slur?

Last week, PA government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem made an antisemitic slur during one of his press conferences.

Israel Allowing Palestinian Workers to Stay in Israel So As to Prevent Spread of...

With Israel-haters (including some of our so-called "peace partners) claiming Israel is trying to deliberately spread coronavirus among palestinians, the truth is something else entirely.

Where Our “Peace Partners” Spread Corona-Libels About Israel

Members of the PA and Fatah are spreading insidious lies about Israel, despite our efforts to help the palestinians contain the coronavirus

An Open Letter to Mahmoud Abbas

A post by reader Faith

Three More No’s to Peace

History repeats

Palestinian Authority Body Rejects Signing of Treaty Ending Discrimination (And Violence) Against Women

Something not being reported by the mainstream media

WATCH: Palestinian Man Bemoans Treatment of Bethlehem’s Christians by Palestinian Authority

This brave palestinian man would like the world to know the truth.

The Beating of Palestinian Man Ignored by Mainstream Media

A palestinian man has allegedly been badly tortured, but you won't read about it in the mainstream media

Palestinians Seethe as PA Blocks Their Websites

Remember when palestinians were complaining how Facebook had removed and blocked some of their content? That is so 3 weeks ago


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