Zionist Death PigsTM  & Zionist White Mice of DoomTM Join Forces

Zionist Death PigsTM  being sent to destroy palestinian crops is so last week.

We’re expanding baby! (with a cameo by Zionist White Mice of DoomTM)

pig“…Some Jordanian media outlets reported that Israel sends wild boars to Jordan to sabotage its fields. [Israel] thus joins Mother Nature and government elements that devastate agriculture, especially in Jordan.

“This story is not new. The dossier of Israeli attacks on Jordan is full of events, which are largely left unexposed. Israel stopped sending jets to bomb civilian targets in Jordan a long time ago. Since the signing of the Wadi Araba Treaty [Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty] In October 1994 and the official end of hostilities between Israel and Jordan, it has launched a new front against us. It replaced the jets with wild boars and white mice in order to sabotage Jordanian agriculture, and ultimately the Jordanian economy.

“The wild boars and white mice have become the new weapon against Arab countries that signed a peace agreement with Israel. [These countries] did not listen to the will of their peoples and disregarded the fate or honor of these peoples. The first was Egypt, which Sadat tried to rip from its nation and deposit in the hands of the U.S. and Israel. The same path was followed by ousted [president] Hosni Mubarak, and only Allah knows towards what fate General Al-Sisi is leading Egypt.

“After the signing of the Camp David Accords, and after [Israel] became able to eliminate Egypt politically, [it] began taking action to eliminate it economically [as well]. The main weapon used for this purpose was white mice. After extensive investigation and research it became apparent that the relevant Israeli authorities had bred the white mice, starved them for three days, and then, at midnight, unloaded them from trucks on the Egyptian border so they would act like locusts – eating the crops, devastating Egypt and wrecking its economy.

“Yousef Wali, minister of agriculture under Sadat, [collaborated with Israel and] made a pact with the white mice, and this dealt a harsh blow to the Egyptian economy. Egyptian agriculture was ruined: light agriculture, tomatoes, bees, and cotton. Naturally, this happened… because Wali imported barren seeds and bee larvae from Israel in order to ruin the Egyptian economy.

“As for the West Bank – reports from there [based on] testimony indicate that Israel rears wild boars on special farms, starves them, and releases them at night in the West Bank – especially agricultural areas – in order to damage Palestinian crops. [These boars] have made a pact with the human pigs – the herds of Jewish settlers, who wreak havoc in West Bank fields and ruin them, uprooting trees and burning them, especially olive trees.

“According to epidemiologists, the Israeli wild boars and white mice have another devastating mission, which is part of the foundations of the Talmud and Torah, one of whose texts states: Send a disease to your neighbor – meaning here a non-Jewish neighbor — since it is forbidden to do damage to a Jew, but harming and striking a non-Jew is permissible.

“[The Israelis] do not want to rip up the peace accords and agreements they have signed with some of the Arabs since they do not need peace with the Arabs to begin with. Israel is armed with nuclear weapons, some of which it has distributed in the Upper Nile to harm Egypt and endanger its water source, and therefore it authorized their wild boars and white mice to do the job.”

Hat tip: Judge Dan

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